A clutter-free, disaster-proof, secure, and always-accessible-anywhere way of living with paper is only a few clicks away!

What We Do


Learn how our customers are living better, cleaner, more organized lives by handling their paper digitally. Understand the best practices, and services they're using.


Let us help you scan your paper documents and photos.


It's one thing to become paperless, it's another thing to stay that way. Let us make it easy.


Initial Scanning

Say goodbye to paper once and for all. Choose to ship to one of our volume scanning centers, bring it to a drop-in location, or have one of our experts scan your photos and documents in your home. Then have everything returned to you, securely shredded, or professionally archived.

File Storage

Living paperfree requires 100% certainty that your digital storage is at least as reliable as your old file cabinet. Whether you choose to keep it on an existing cloud or host your own NAS, let us help you sleep with the peace of mind that everything is secure and backed up.

Mail scanning

Why are you handling your mail? Have it come directly to us, and get it to show up in your email inbox, rather than the one that wastes your time and trashcan space.

Maintenance Scanning

Scanning your paper will declutter your house incredibly well. What's the point if you can't maintain it? Our prepaid addressed envelopes can keep you paperfree forever!

Medical Records

Few of us use the same doctor for life. We move. Our medical records may or may not move with us.  Bring all your medical records to your doctor, every time. 


New encryption technology allows documents to be verified and recorded in a way that they can never be altered. You can make, and keep any document court-ready, without printing and physically notarizing it.

Could apps do your paperwork for you?

The answer comes down to two questions:
Is your paperwork digital? Can the app find the paper?

We can digitize your paperwork now. We are developing a standard that will allow app developers to identify your documents by type, and extract data only with your explicit consent. That's going to make processes like assembling documents for a mortgage approval a whole lot easier!